29 July 2013 till 3 July 2015

Al Ahli Saudi FC

Head Coach U9-U10

I coached the under 9s and under 10s at the Academy (U9-U15) during the 2013-2014 season and I was also responsible for developing the players of the Soccer School, aged 5-7 years. In addition, I coached the under 11-14s on a regular basis as well, either as a head or as an assistent coach. Moved up with my under 10s during the 2014-2015 season towards the U11s and also moved up to the U12s whilst coordinating the U7-U10s.

Here is an overview of my other key tasks:

  • Deploying a style of play according to an age specific training methodology: 'implicit learning for the win'. Click here to see some videos of my sessions.
  • Working with an individualized periodization based on the players' biological age. 
  • Developing individual training programs based on the players' goals to improve tactical, technical, physical and mental skills.Thereby giving ownership to the players.
  • Improving the talent identification and selection process of the U7-U11.
  • Assisting injury prevention, speed, agility, quickness and strength training sessions of the Academy players.
  • Involved in several research projects, sports science and performance testing. To keep a longitudinal record of the players' long term athletic development. 

Al-Ahli Saudi FC U10

Academy Sport Sciencist & Fitness coach

During my second year at Al Ahli Saudi FC, I was also working as the Head of Academy Sport Science (U9-U15) and responsible for the physical development of the under 13s, under 14s and under 15s. My main responsibility is monitoring the training load (sRPE and HR) of the U15s and the provision of strength and conditioning sessions for the U13-U15s based on players' biological age and individuals needs.

Here is an overview of my other key tasks:

  • Involved within the development and implementation of an age specific testing battery for the academy players (U9-U15). Collecting and analyzing test results. Looking at within-subject, within- and between-group variances.
  • Monitoring training load (sRPE and HR) and pre-training freshness levels (RPF) with the U15s.
  • Main responsible for the provision of strength and conditioning sessions for the U13-U15s, based on players' biological age and individuals needs.
  • Responsible for the initial phase of daily training sessions (U13-U15).
  • Liaising with coaching staff on a daily basis regarding session plans.
  • Liaising with coaching staff on a weekly basis regarding planned and actual training load.  
  • Liaising with coaching and medical staff on a daily basis regarding injured and rehabilitating players.

Guido is a top professional. His work is characterized by a strong scientific base and a rampant enthusiasm.
- Jan van Winckel - Head of strength, conditioning and medicine Al-Ahli Saudi FC