1 July 2011 till 1 January 2012

FC Blauw-Wit

Head Coach U17

I have had a very informative time whilst coaching male youth football players with a multicultural background (aged 14-16). We played in the 4th national division at that time and it was my job to keep us up in the league but I thought we were better than that. I tried to do this via a tactical team periodization based on individual condtioning goals taking the age specific factors like the growth spurt and the Ramadan into account. However, there was no improvement concerning player motivation, willingess to learn and respect at player level. Combined with a lack of organization, clear structure and good communication at club level, made it iimpossible for me to enjoy my work. So that is why I decided to leave the club after hanging in there for half a season. I could never imagine that someone would quit coaching but I now know why and I will take this experience on to the future; I learned loads even though it was not enjoyable at times. Eventually, the team were taken out of the league and never finished the season.