1 November 2012 till 31 May 2013

Tranmere Rovers FC

Sport scientist, strength & conditioning and fitness coach

I moved from an intern position working within the academy only to work full-time with the First team within two months. I was mainly responsible for the initial phase of daily training sessions and weekly match days, as well as monitoring training load and adjusting sessions based on individual player needs.

During his time working with Tranmere Rovers first team, Guido showed good diversity in his routines and also a thorough knowledge of fitness, strength and conditioning, diet and nutrition. He was well liked and respected by the players and staff.
- John McMahon - First team coach Tranmere Rovers FC 

Here is an overview of my other key activities:

  • Providing strength and conditioning sessions for academy players, setting up individual programs and assisting the academy head of sport science and medicine whenever needed.
  • Designing and implementing post-game recovery protocols to maintain freshness and fitness.
  • Designing and implementing nutrition diaries to improve match day performance.
  • Liaising with coaching staff on a daily basis regarding session plans.
  • Liaising with medical staff on a daily basis regarding injured and rehabilitating players.

 Tranmere Rovers FC

Guido was hard working, professional and committed, and expected the same out of the players. He used some great group techniques and individualized programs to try and take our players to the next level.
- Gregg Blundell - First Team Physiotherapist Tranmere Rovers FC